Dometic HS 2420 L (MO917)

รหัสสินค้า : Dometic HS 2420 L (MO917)


13,500.00 THB

ราคารวม 13,500.00 THB

Dometic HS 2420 L

Two-burner hob and sink combination. The Dometic HS 2420 L is a compact 2-burner hob with an integrated sink, which is positioned on right side. This compact combo brings on-board kitchen facilities to even the smallest of kitchen spaces, whether it is installed in boat galleys, motorhomes or caravan kitchens. The Dometic HS 2420 L hob features a safety ignition system and the chrome pan supports can be detached for easy cleaning. Hob and sink combination supplied with siphon and rubber seal.

  • Compact sink and two-burner hob combination
  • Two-burner hob - with left hand sink
  • Easy-clean - Detachable pan grids
  • Heat perfection - Easy temperature control
  • Supplied with siphon and rubber seal
  • Cooktop Gas consumption: 204 g/h


  • Output cooker plate 1 1.00 kW
  • Output cooker plate 2 1.80 kW
  • Gas consumption cooktop 204.00 g/h
  • Gas pressure (DIN732) 30 mbar
  • Gas category (DIN732) G30 (50% n-butane, 50% i-butane)
  • Dimensions product depth 420 mm
  • Dimensions product height 120 mm
  • Dimensions product width 600 mm
  • Net weight 2.45 kg