Dometic HSG 2440R (MO8322)

รหัสสินค้า : Dometic HSG 2440R (MO8322)


18,300.00 THB

ราคารวม 18,300.00 THB

DOMETIC HSG 2440R 2-Burner Hob/Sink Combination With Glass Lid

The DOMETIC HSG 2440R 2-Burner Hob/Sink Combination With Glass Lid is an updated version of the Dometic SMEV MO8322R 2-burner hob/sink combination with glass lid that allows cooking and washing up all in one. The compact hob/sink combination has two cooking rings with enamelled pan supports and burner caps and a sink (to right). It has integrated heat resistant safety glass lid that folds down to give you another work surface. Made from sturdy stainless steel which is easy to clean and safe to use.

  • Heat-resistant safety glass lid
  • Enamelled pan support
  • Enamelled burner caps


  • 12-volt electronic ignition
  • Safety ignition system
  • AC 540 siphon
  • Rubber seal
  • Hole for tap (Ø 39 mm)
  • Number of burners 2
  • Hob/s output 1 x 1.0 kW ; 1 x 1.8 kW
  • Gas consumption 204 g/h
  • Gas supply pressure 30 mbar
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 680 x 152 x 440 mm
  • Built-in dimensions (W x D) : 666 x 426 mm


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