FIAMMA Carry-Bike Caravan XL A

รหัสสินค้า : CARRY-BIKE CARAVAN XL A (02094-23A)


8,000.00 THB

ราคารวม 8,000.00 THB


Bringing an extra two wheels with you on holiday is a great solution if you just want to nip down the road to the shops for a quick cuppa, without having to take the entire rig with you. A Fiamma bike rack is a convenient and compact solution to transport up to two bicycles with you on the front of a caravan. The Fiamma Carry Bike is made from reinforced aluminium for a light weight and durable solution to storing your bikes whilst not in use. Weighing in at just 5kgs, this caravan bike rack fits all caravan with a standard A frame, with no drilling or welding required for installation. Designed to pivot forward and out of the way, so you can still easily access storage at the front with this high quality, Fiamma bike rack still attached. The Fiamma Carry Bike is the perfect addition to any avid cyclists who want the most out of their holiday adventures.  

Product Features: 

  • Fits all caravans with a standard A-frame (up to 140mm) 
  • Pivots forward allowing access to the storage compartment  
  • Easily installed (no drilling required) 
  • Rail support base reinforced with new aluminium blocking system 


  • Description : Carry-Bike Caravan XL A
  • Vehicle type: caravan
  • Weight : 5.3kg
  • Max load:35kg
  • Bikes carried standard / max : 2/2
  • A-frame: minimum size: 40.2 cm
  • A frame U bolt length:150mm long X 67MM wide 
  • Color: Black

User Guide : Carry-Bike Caravan XL A

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