Fiamma Compass 220 - Silver

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48,000.00 THB

ราคารวม 48,000.00 THB



Fiamma Compass 220 - Silver

Awning for wall installation

กันสาดรอบคันติดผนังข้างรถ Campervan , SUVs

The light and multifunctional compass awning!

A simple solution for Camper Vans and SUVs that allows you to protect yourself from the sun.

The awning is disposed at 270° around the vehicle and is characterized by extreme ease of assembly and disassembly.

It is therefore suitable for any occasion, from touring to a trip outdoors, from a simple picnic to a few hours of relaxing.

A single person is able to open and close the awning autonomously.

The awning is manually operated. The arms with integrated legs, lightness of the structure and fabric make the opening and closing of the awning simple and fast.


[1] Brackets: can be purchased separately

[2] Compass opening: 270° opening around the vehicle

[3] Vertical support: for a canopy that is always well tight

[4] Fabric: attached to the bag with a sturdy zipper, easily removable

[5] Bag: super strong and UV-resistant, with sturdy zipper closure

[6] Resistant to torsion: guaranteed thanks to the robust aluminium structure

[7] Secure Lock: adjusts the height of the lead bar


Description : Compass 220 Silver

Bag length (A) : 220 cm

Support length (B) : 214 cm

Lateral extension (C) : 148 cm

Rear extension (D) : 145 cm

Canopy length (E) : 300 cm

Canopy length (F) : 336 cm

Min height from ground : 200 cm

Shade surface : 7.2 m2

Weight : 16.5 kg

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