Dometic CI85W ถังเก็บความเย็น, 86L

รหัสสินค้า : CI-85W


20,000.00 THB

ราคารวม 20,000.00 THB



DOMETIC Cool Ice Box CI85W

  • ถังเก็บความเย็น ความจุ 86 ลิตร
  • ทำจากพลาสติก Polyethylene(PE) ด้วยกระบวนการหล่อขึ้นรูป ไร้รอยต่อ 
  • มีฉนวนกันความร้อนประสิทธิภาพสูง คุณภาพเยี่ยม ช่วยรักษาความเย็น
  • ใช้งานร่วมกับ Ice Packs หรือ น้ำแข็ง เพื่อเก็บรักษาความเย็นและความสด
  • เก็บความเย็นได้นานสูงสุด 3-4 วัน หรือ 70-90 ชั่วโมง
  • แข็งแรงทนทาน ทนทุกแรกกระแทก
  • น้ำหนักเบา เคลื่อนย้ายง่าย 
  • มาพร้อมล้อ และที่จับลากเพื่อง่ายต่อการขนย้าน
  • มีรูระบายน้ำออก
  • ขนาด (กว้าง x ยาว x สูง) 52.5 x 84 x 43.2 ซม.
  • น้ำหนัก : 14.6 กิโลกรัม
  • สินค้ารับประกัน 2 ปี

This highly efficient and lightweight icebox can keep ice for several days. It is made of a thick refrigeration grade foam insulation and has a unique labyrinth seal design. Take ice cold refreshment with you, wherever you're going!


Accessorisation and user-friendliness are at the forefront of the new Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes' design. The new series of icebox accessories improve comfort while travelling, keep your icebox secure in a variety of locations, better organise your food and beverages and even provide somewhere to hold your drink or fishing rod! A seat cushion is available for each of the new Dometic Iceboxes, which is easy to attach and detach and provides a comfortable seat when catching fish or travelling by boat. Baskets and dividers are available to help organise the contents of your Dometic icebox; avoid contamination by placing your fishing bait in one section and your lunch in another. Finally, a series of accessories have been developed that can be fitted in to the handle of the new Dometic iceboxes. The lightweight and easy-to-install bracket can hold up to two drink holders, rod holders or bottle openers. Mix and match these excellent accessories as you see fit!


Strong, ergonomic handles for easy transport


Integrated tie-down points below handles


Robust designed handles


  • Thick insulation and unique sealing design means ice lasts longer
  • Hygienic and easy to clean with large diameter drain plug
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with strong ergonomic handles
  • Strong, seamless, food grade polyethylene construction
  • Integrated polyethylene feet
  • Practical tie down points below handles
  • Integrated hinges with stainless steel rods and durable rubber latches


Millions of people around the world buy and use Dometic products. They’re RV users, boat owners, truck drivers, campers, outdoor people. And all part of a growing movement – a longing for freedom and adventure, a desire to explore the world and to stay away for extended periods of time. We call it mobile living. Our mission is to make mobile living easy.


High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? The Dometic iceboxes will take this in their stride. The Cool Ice boxes are equipped with extremely effective insulation, and once the cool packs or ice cubes have been placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh. Depending on use and weather conditions, this can be for several days at a time! They also come with a 5 year guarantee! Ultimately, every single detail of these boxes, made from impact resistant and seamless plastic, is designed for the toughest conditions. This trusty icebox comes with strong and thick refrigeration grade foam insulation with unique labyrinth seal design that holds the cold air inside and hot air out for longer. This ensures your ice lasts much longer, despite the harsh outside temperatures.


If possible, store the Dometic iceboxes in cool surroundings for several hours before use and keep them out of direct sunlight. If being filled with drinks or groceries, we recommend chilling the items beforehand. Standard freezer packs or ice cubes are suitable as coolants. Air will compromise the cooling capacity and shorten the duration of cooling. Therefore avoid opening it unnecessarily and pack the boxes as full as possible.


Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes, such as the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W, are the perfect cooling solution for when power is not readily available. It will keep your ice frozen for days – up to ten days, depending on model usage and conditions. Features including a thick, refrigeration grade foam insulation and the 'Labyrinth Seal Design' combine to achieve longer lasting ice. Also, thanks to its rotomoulded design, there are no seams where heat can enter or cold can escape! Cool-Ice iceboxes are extremely strong, durable and easy to clean. A special feature of the CI 85W model are the convenient handle and wheels which make transport so easy!


  • Dimensions product depth 525 mm
  • Dimensions product height 432 mm
  • Dimensions product width 840 mm
  • Net weight 14.6 kg
  • Storage volume - total 86 l