Fiamma Deluxe 8 Universal Folding Ladder for RVs

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13,000.00 THB

ราคารวม 13,000.00 THB

Fiamma Deluxe 8 Folding Ladder for RV. drilling required.

  • Sturdy and lightweight high quality universal exterior ladder.
  • Can be folded up while travelling. 
  • Usually ships by the next business day.
  • All Fiamma ladders have Ø 30mm and 2mm thick tubes in anodized aluminium.
  • Inner step width updated in accordance with the European standard UNI EN 131.
  • pipes ø 30 mm and thickness 2 mm
  • anodised aluminium
  • Non-skid finish
  • Step inner width: 28 cm
  • Step total width: 35 cm