TBB Power REGO X48

รหัสสินค้า : RegoX48


290,000.00 THB

ราคารวม 290,000.00 THB

TBB Power REGO X48

Comfort without Compromising -- 48Vdc inverter charger can power more than two 15000 BTU air conditioner with a mircowave or coffee maker

simultaneously; fulfill to run all AC loads without any shedding. Without generator droning, a quiet and peaceful night can be enjoyed and no restriction on any camp.

System Highlights

  • Offgrid camping replacing generator. 3.6kW inverter charger replaces 6kW generator; 4.8kW inverter charger
  • replaces 8kW generator.
  • Complete on-board power solution with digital switching (multiplex).
  • High performance inverter designed to power air-conditioner, coffee maker, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Power Assist function allows inverter to work in parallel with 30A shore power to supply max 50A without PCS.
  • Built-in AGS (automatic generator start) can be configured on TBB Link software.
  • Bi-directional converter charger draws the power from 12Vdc alternator to charge 48Vdc lithium battery while
  • driving and converts the power from 48Vdc lithium battery to 12Vdc loads after the engine stops.
  • Professional solar charger with MPPT technology to maximize the use of green energy
  • High performance lithium battery with max discharge current up to 100A
  • The Lithium battery supports parallel connection up to 8pcs to compose a bank max up to 48Vdc 800AH
  • A7, a 7" LCD system monitor, to display active data of all system components and history record
  • Built-in Bluetooth, A7 supports mobile app connection.
  • Remote monitoring via 4G is available
  • Plug and Play concept for the quick installation.

What's in the box

CM5.0S Inverter charger, 48V 5.0KW and 70A charge current

SP150-20 MPPT solar charge controller, 150 Vdc, output 48V 20A

BI1248-100 Bi-directional converter (12V to 48V and 48V to 12V) 1200W

A7 7'' LCD system monitor PCU System control unit

CRS29A Master module, with 9 relay controlled outputs

PICO-2 Wireless switch panel

ESP5 Emergency switch panel

M48-100 M series lithium battery 48V100AH, max discharge current 100A : 5.04 kWh

BSW-48 Battery switch

FDB-4 / ANM-B4 Fuse box with fuse for positive cable

JDB-12 Junction box for negative cable

RSE-A Capacitive type water tank sensor for clean tank

RSA Conductive type water tank senor for gray/black tanks

GY485 Leveling sensor

Download : REGO X48 - Brochure

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